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We provide a number of temporary child care services in Illinois, Baby Nurse, Temporary Nanny and more for your family. Below is a list of the services we can provide for you and your family in your time of transition.

We are a unique night nurse (Register Nurse / Baby Nurse) and night nannies (Newborn Care Specialist) agency in Illinois, it has become a recommended and trusted source for finding quality baby nurse care as a reliable referral agency.We are very proud to say that most of our clients and applicants come by way of referral and have worked with us for years. We are committed to providing a trustworthy and reliable source for quality referrals of Illinois baby nurse. Our night nurses and night nannies have been trained with the most quality care to care for newborns and educate new and seasonal mothers.Our highest standard of staff, modern interviewing process, reference checking service, post-placement support and dedicated service will ensure that only the best is offered to you, not only as a one off placement but as a continuous service throughout the placement period.

We are professionally trained/experienced baby nurses and night nannies who provide unique and special skills in all aspects of newborn care and parental education and support. We aim to provide you with the most suitable candidate for your family, whether it's a one day night nurse or a five month night nurse placement. We have experience in helping both seasoned and first time moms transition to motherhood and are experienced in caring for singletons, multiples, premature, colicky babies, and babies with reflux. If you are looking for the best night nurse care, we do have extensive experience working with infants who have special needs, including those on oxygen support, using apnea monitors, having reflux, or other medical issues. Read more

Our Services

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Night Nurse

Newborn Training

Single and Multiple Infant Care

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What our clients say
As first time parents, we didn't know what taking care of a newborn entailed so we thought it would be helpful to have a night nurse to provide relief from the many sleepless nights in the first few months. When we met Margaret, she was so knowledgeable about not just the nighttime necessities for a newborn but also what we should be doing during the day to ensure a good night for our son. We had Margaret come to our house the first night we came home from the hospital and she put us at ease from night one. She made the entire experience of being a new parent so much easier and enjoyable. Hiring the team of night nurses from Our Joy of Infant Care was the best parenting decision we ever made! Talk to you soon!

Jess & Brain

Old Town

We have two girl twins born at 33 and a half weeks - they were in the ISCU at Evanston for two and a half weeks and we had Margaret and Shirley from Our Joy Infant Care come when they came home. Our Joy Infant Care is amazing – Margaret is wonderful, she has lots of twin and triplet experience. It has been amazing to be able to focus on my twins during the day and know I can rest at night with someone so capable, nurturing, and helpful at night. She does our laundry and cleans bottles, she has helped guide us in terms of treating gas issues and how to gradually increase our daughters' intake. It has been so reassuring to see how she does things and so nice to have someone so experienced to ask questions and get advice.

Mollie and Ricky


We had such a remarkable experience with Abigail from Our Joy Infant care. As first time parents, we were utterly overwhelmed. We were filled with love and excitement, but also anxiousness in caring for our delicate little girl. We didn’t know how to care for someone who was unable to communicate what’s wrong. Then, an angel came to us. Helping us not only to understand that what we were experiencing was normal, but also in the utmost care for our daughter’s needs. She consoled us (when we needed it) and guided us through the early weeks (and months) of caring for our newborn. Abigail was our angel – she immediately gained our trust and will always be a special part of our family.

Lisa Z

Chicago Downtown

Our experience with Margaret as our night nurse was wonderful! She arrived and would take over with the twins and allow me to get my much needed sleep. I was so comfortable they were in good hands and loved I could rest all night!! She was great with following the schedule I set up and offering advice where needed! We loved having Margaret and Abigail as part of our family for 4 1/2 months and completely trust them. When they left the boys were sleeping through the night!



Our family worked with Margaret after our first son was born. As many new and expecting parents know, finding someone to care for your child is a very nerve-racking process. We couldn't have been more pleased with Margaret and her care of our son. She was very attentive, loving and respectful and made the transition so much smoother! We have since moved out of state and have discovered finding someone to care for our children the way Margaret did is very rare. Any family would be lucky to have her involved in their child's care.

The Moores

Lincoln Square

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