What Our Clients Say

  As first time parents, we didn't know what taking care of a newborn entailed so we thought it would be helpful to have a night nurse to provide relief from the many sleepless nights in the first few months. When we met Margaret, she was so knowledgeable about not just the nighttime necessities for a newborn but also what we should be doing during the day to ensure a good night for our son. We had Margaret come to our house the first night we came home from the hospital and she put us at ease from night one. She made the entire experience of being a new parent so much easier and enjoyable. Hiring the team of night nurses from Our Joy of Infant Care was the best parenting decision we ever made! Talk to you soon!  
Jess & Brain, Old Town

  We have two girl twins born at 33 and a half weeks - they were in the ISCU at Evanston for two and a half weeks and we had Margaret and Shirley from Our Joy Infant Care come when they came home. Our Joy Infant Care is amazing – Margaret is wonderful, she has lots of twin and triplet experience. It has been amazing to be able to focus on my twins during the day and know I can rest at night with someone so capable, nurturing, and helpful at night. She does our laundry and cleans bottles, she has helped guide us in terms of treating gas issues and how to gradually increase our daughters' intake. It has been so reassuring to see how she does things and so nice to have someone so experienced to ask questions and get advice.  
Mollie & Ricky, Evanston

  To new or expecting parents: Margaret Sefah and her team of night nurses cared for our twin girls from the day they came home from the hospital until they were peacefully sleeping through the night. Today the twins are 1.5 years old and they are both still excellent sleepers. Margaret diligently kept feeding and diaper logs throughout the night, as well as reviewed our daytime logs and made thoughtful recommendations on how and when to start removing each nighttime feeding. She kept the babies on a schedule, and also easily kept up with my ever changing nighttime needs (one night I’d want to breastfeed both babies, another night I’d want to pump and sleep, another night they would have formula, etc.). While the babies were sleeping, she also helped us out with the children’s laundry, bottle cleaning/care, and tidying up the dishes. Margaret and her team were all punctual, pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable about newborn care. Every time they stayed with our babies, I slept soundly knowing the babies were safe and in good care. Whether you’re looking for temporary help to get some much needed sleep after you bring your newborn home, or a longer term sleep training regimen for multiples, I would recommend Margaret and her team, without hesitation. If you would like any additional information about our experience, please do not hesitate to call me.  
JoAnn, Lincoln Square

  We had such a remarkable experience with Abigail from Our Joy Infant care. As first time parents, we were utterly overwhelmed. We were filled with love and excitement, but also anxiousness in caring for our delicate little girl. We didn’t know how to care for someone who was unable to communicate what’s wrong. Then, an angel came to us. Helping us not only to understand that what we were experiencing was normal, but also in the utmost care for our daughter’s needs. She consoled us (when we needed it) and guided us through the early weeks (and months) of caring for our newborn. Abigail was our angel – she immediately gained our trust and will always be a special part of our family.  
Lisa Z, Chicago Downtown

  We recently used Our Joy Infant Care for our newborn son. He was our second child and I was dreading the sleep deprivation that came with having a newborn. I wanted to find a company that was reliable and trust-worthy and would help us through those first few weeks. I found Our Joy Infant Care in Chicago Parent. Margaret was incredibly professional right from the get-go. She came to our house to meet us in person before our son was born. She sent references for herself and her nannies. And she continued to follow up with us until delivery and then was very flexible after our son was born - we decided to use a night nanny one night a week for six weeks, and Margaret worked with our schedules easily. Shirley M. was the night nanny assigned to us and she was an absolutely wonderful caretaker. She always arrived early, which was so nice because every second counts when you are sleep deprived. And she was always so happy to see our son and took amazing care of him so that we could get some much needed sleep. Not only did she care for our son, but she also did his laundry, which was a huge help during those sleep deprived and stressful first weeks. Every morning we would come downstairs and our son would be fast asleep, his laundry folded perfectly and all his bottles washed and dried. We will definitely use Our Joy Infant care again if we have another child or need a nanny overnight. And we would highly recommend Shirley - she has a very kind heart and is a natural with babies. She is a very sweet and loving person. She too is a mother to four kids, so she truly understands how to parent. Our Joy Infant Care is wonderful and made our first 6 weeks with our son much more manageable and enjoyable. I cannot recommend the company enough!  
Claire and Mike, LaGrange

  When my husband and I found out we were having twins, the first thing that came to mind was how we were going to care for two infants and a toddler. Having met Margaret during my hospital stay on bed rest, we immediately felt comfortable knowing when our twins arrived, they would be in good hands. Margaret, and Shirley, really made our evenings/nights more tolerable. Given we were not 'new' parents, we still needed the extra guidance in caring for multiples. Margaret and Shirley provided us much needed rest in the early months and were with us for nearly 3.5 months. They truly have a gift caring for infants and we would recommend them to anyone needing that extra bit of assistance.  
J. Levenstein, Lincoln Park

  I had heard about Our Joy Infant Care from a friend. I knew we might need help at home those first few weeks/months at night. When we arrived home from the hospital, I felt completely overwhelmed by the feeding regimen and schedule we needed to follow (our baby had lost too much weight during her first few days of life). Our night nurse came the day after we arrived home from the hospital, and we were so glad she did! She helped us simplify the feeding regimen and made it seem a lot less overwhelming. And it was great to get some uninterrupted sleep a couple of nights per week. I would definitely recommend the night nurse service from Our Joy Infant Care--we really bonded with our nurse and the service that was provided was worth every penny!  
Ashlee, Elmhurst

  Margaret was with us from the first day our twins came home from the hospital and I can't say enough about how invaluable she was to our family. Not only is she an amazing night nurse who took loving and amazing care of our babies from day one and helped us get much needed sleep, but she continually went above and beyond the call of duty. She helped me prep for the babies arrival before they came, giving me expert advise about what to worry about -- and more importantly what NOT to worry about. She also helped lay the foundation for sleep training of our babies, who thanks to her, started sleep through the night at 4 months old! Priceless. She also helped us with the night to day transition and helped me find a full time nanny who is still with us today. I simply could not recommend her more highly. She's professional, on time and dedicated to her work. Don't wait until your babies are 6 weeks and you're delirious from lack of sleep. Hire her early and reap the benefits of peace of mind now!  
The Dingles, Evanston

  When our second child arrived, we knew that a night nurse was key. What we didn’t know was how important it was to find right night nurse. Our child was a super easy baby. Our second, not so much. Margaret and one of her referrer Pearl saved us. We would wait for her arrival like kids on Christmas. She would lovingly take our son and gently tell us to go to sleep. The next morning we’d awake to a happy child and a basket full of folded laundry. She was knowledgeable, confident and most of all unconditionally supportive. She will always have a special place in our hearts.  
Karen, Bucktown

  We had the joy of working with Margaret and her colleague, Cynthia, for almost 12 weeks when our twins were born. From the time she started, Margaret handled our twins with such care and grace that we were all at ease. As a breastfeeding mom, I was a little unsure of how it would all go since I still needed to get up to feed the twins or pump but we quickly found our rhythm and I never looked back. Margaret would also help me brainstorm about ways to make the days easier and was super supportive when I needed a little extra help (a few more nights here and there) when things came up. Cynthia even drove to our home in one of the worst spring storms ever and helped get my big boy back to sleep. Both Margaret and Cynthia are professional, knowledgeable and, most of all, warm and loving. I always looked forward to seeing them then and we still keep in touch.  
Jess & Brain, Old Town

  Our family worked with Margaret after our first son was born. As many new and expecting parents know, finding someone to care for your child is a very nerve-racking process. We couldn't have been more pleased with Margaret and her care of our son. She was very attentive, loving and respectful and made the transition so much smoother! We have since moved out of state and have discovered finding someone to care for our children the way Margaret did is very rare. Any family would be lucky to have her involved in their child's care.  
The Moores, Lincoln Square

  Our experience with Margaret as our night nurse was wonderful! She arrived and would take over with the twins and allow me to get my much needed sleep. I was so comfortable they were in good hands and loved I could rest all night!! She was great with following the schedule I set up and offering advice where needed! We loved having Margaret and Abigail as part of our family for 4 1/2 months and completely trust them. When they left the boys were sleeping through the night!  
Marcia, Elmhurst

  When our twins were born 2 months premature, we were unsure of ourselves as first time parents and even more terrified to bring home such tiny babies. For the first month the twins were home, Margaret was with another family, so Cynthia, a registered nurse, came to our house. We cannot say enough about what a difference it made to have the expert help of Cynthia and Margaret in the first few months. It wasn’t an easy job- there were 2 babies who ate every 3 hours, our daughter cried at night due to reflux and our son was having some feeding issues in the beginning. Somehow everyone got fed and even the bottles were washed and laundry was washed and folded! Cynthia and Margaret were excellent at following the special instructions on how to feed each of our twins. They also taught us some tips about helping get our daughter to sleep when she had reflux and gave us suggestions on how to help them sleep as they got older. We appreciated their many years of experience as parents and professionals working with infants and felt comfortable they would let us know if they were concerned about anything. When Margaret and Cynthia were there, we could truly rest. They were punctual, professional, caring, and a joy to work with. When the twins were sleeping most of the night, we were sad to say goodbye to Margaret and Cynthia but we appreciated how sweetly they fed, rocked, sang to and soothed our tiny babies. It really helped us get through those challenging first few months! We would highly recommend it to first time parents and parents of multiples!  
Kelly and Steve, Lakeview

  Being first time parents to twins, we were extra cautious (and paranoid) about who would provide child care for our babies. When we first met Margaret, we explained our concerns to her and she reassured us that what we were feeling was totally normal and that her experience has allowed her to readily adjust to any type of situation. Our first few nights with her were not easy. It had nothing to do with Margaret but it had everything to do our fears of letting someone else care for our kids. We would wake up every so often to check on our babies. Every noise they made seemed magnified and we would take turns making sure they were ok. Of course our children were perfectly fine in Margaret's care, and Margaret was so understanding throughout the whole process. We quickly became comfortable with Margaret and we were finally able to do the one thing that was so lacking in our lives...SLEEP!!
Margaret quickly became part of our family and she ultimately became the standard that we compared all our nannies to. What initially started as a two-month stint extended to a four-month engagement. Margaret also introduced us to another one of her night nurses, Shirley (who, as an added bonus, is a nursing graduate from Truman College). Shirley was equally knowledgeable and sympathetic to our needs. Like Margaret, she loved our twins like they were her own and we quickly formed a strong bond with her as well. Looking back, we feel extremely blessed to have found Margaret and Shirley. Over time, they offered us countless words of wisdom and they became trusted friends. We wholeheartedly recommend Margaret and Shirley to any family that is lucky enough to have them as their baby night nurse.  
The Tinimbangs, Chicago Downtown

  Our experience with Margaret has been wonderful. She truly is an expert with newborn multiples. Her skill, knowledge, and personable nature made our twins' transition from hospital to home very easy. Margaret's experience and wisdom helps to guide us through the journey of adjusting to having premature twins especially in the area of sleep training. Margaret continues to give us the tools and encouragement we need as first time parents. She is amazing with babies and truly cares about our family. We are so grateful for everything she is doing for us. We consider Margaret part of the family. Margaret introduces one of her colleagues, who is also a register nurse as a backup. We cannot say enough about Shirley! Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge about infants, but she is a mentor for parents as well. Shirley has been taking care of our premature twins since they were 2 months old and we couldn't be more pleased. As first time parents it can be difficult leaving your children. Since the arrival of Shirley this is not so. We feel a sense of comfort knowing she is taking care of the twins, keeping them safe and loving them as we do. The enthusiasm and sense of peace Shirley brings into our home is refreshing and keeps things running smoothly. Shirley has exceeded our expectations in every way.  
Lisette & Dave, Downers Grove

  Margaret and Infant Joy Care helped us to successfully conquer month #2 with twins…with a smile! It was great to know that our twins were in very capable hands so my husband and I could decompress & relax a bit and then get a sound night of sleep. I looked forward to those nights when they would come to the house as I knew I could get myself recharged with sleep and then fully engage with our beautiful little babies the next morning. We do not have family in the area so when my parents went home after the first month we were looking for some extra help. We had Infant Joy Care come two nights a week for several weeks. It gave me confidence that, with some help, I could make it through with the week and still be the happy and energetic person I normally am. My husband and I were hands on all weekend and then Infant Joy would come Tuesday & Wednesday night. After Wednesday morning, I knew I had two more days until the weekend was here again. It was a great routine and it made me feel more energized. They also shared good words of wisdom and helped answer some of the typical questions that come up for a new Mom. I felt confident with their strong nursing credentials. I knew our babies were in good hands!  
Carla, Roscoe Village

  I was referred to Margaret by a trustworthy friend that had nothing but fantastic things to say. When I finally met Margaret, all of my anxiety about having twins was at ease. She made me feel so relieved, comfortable and at ease about what was to come. The very first night I came home from the hospital she was at my house. She and her team of ladies are so knowledgeable about babies and their needs from, sleeping, eating and schedules. She immediately told me to get some rest and the rest she would take care of. When I woke up my kitchen was clean, laundry was folded and my babies were swaddled up and sleeping peacefully. We kept Margaret for 4 months which was longer than we anticipated-but it meant everything to be rested so that I could be a good Mom during the day to my toddler and also heal from my C section. Margaret also helped us sleep train our girls and endured the crying so that we did not have to see that. It is not easy for a mother to go thru that and she always, confidently assured us that they were just fine and she was right there to make sure. I would recommend Margaret to anyone having a baby! It was the best money spent! Thanks Margaret!  
Jennifer and Chris, Elmhurst

  Being first time parents, we had heard all of the horror stories of sleep deprivation and knew that a night nurse was the key. It was a tough process to find someone to care for your newborn baby. We came across Margaret and Shirley through NPN, as they were highly recommended. After meeting Shirley, we immediately took a liking to her and she became our night nurse/nanny for 6 weeks. Shirley treated our baby like her very own; she was punctual, responsible, loving, nurturing and had a wealth of knowledge about newborns. The two of them grew close together within a few days and we were able to get a good night’s rest and wake up to sterilized and folded laundry; things that seemed so difficult to do in those first few weeks.
Shirley lovingly cared for our baby and made sure she was drinking and sleeping enough. At the end of her time with us, it was hard to say goodbye and tears were even shed. We still keep in touch with her and wholeheartedly recommend her to any family looking for someone who will love and nurture your baby like their own and give you peace of mind that your child is happy and safe.  
Pooja and Sanjay, Chicago Downtown

  As a first time mother, I thought that my husband and I could handle the sleepless nights and sleep training without the help of a night nurse. Before our son was born, I was up for the challenge! But, after several long nights but, more so, too much wondering and uncertainty about what to do and how to do it, we called Margaret. At our first meeting, Margaret made us feel like she was someone who was warm, knowledgeable and supportive. She gave us concrete tips and steps to follow to help our little guy sleep better. This immediately gave me comfort and confidence which, in turn, let my husband and I sleep a bit better. We had Margaret and Shirley begin to come 3 nights each week. They were wonderful! Having one of them in our home watching our little guy allowed us to get much needed rest which allowed us to be happier, more energetic and patient parents during the day. But, more importantly, Margaret and Shirley patiently answered all of my questions (it was a very long list on some nights!) each night and offered invaluable guidance, steps to follow and helped to lay out a plan and strategy for getting our son to sleep through the night. Because of this, I did not have to wonder and debate how to do things. They were amazing guides! On several occasions, I called Margaret during the day with questions and concerns and always got a quick call back with help. Margaret and Shirley patiently helped us lengthen the time between night feedings, eliminate feedings and by 11 weeks old, our son was sleeping through the night for 11-12 hours. Today, we have a very happy, well-rested boy!  
Laura, Wicker Park

  Margaret and her team are lifesavers. Margaret is knowledgeable and experienced. From the moment we found out we were having twins we knew that we would need extra help and we couldn’t have asked for any better than Margaret. Margaret and Shirley arrived on the first night and took both babies, swaddled them tightly, and had them in bed before we could even blink. Having Margaret for the first few weeks was a God-sent that allowed us to get some sleep so that we could enjoy and better care for the twins during the day. But what I didn’t realize in the beginning is that Margaret’s greatest value is in sleep training. We were lucky to work with Margaret until the twins were a few months old and her work in helping to sleep train was amazing. I now have two 6 month old babies who regularly sleep twelve hours through the night without a peep. My friends of singletons can’t believe how well rested I am and how happy my babies are!  
Robin, Lakeview